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Hades Phase
The Hades is the beginning phase of our program
Step One - Achilles Level
The Achilles Level is the first acknowledged step in advancement
Stage Two - Hercules Level
The Hercules Level is a reminder that students have made incredible progress
Stage Three - Zeus Level
The student has earned the right to prepare themselves for going home


We’d like to extend a warm welcome to parents of struggling adolescent youth during this time of crisis and confusion as you are currently dealing with a difficult teenage son or daughter.  We hope to help you find the answers that only reputable Schools for Troubled Teens offer, like Olympus Academy that comes highly recommended by experts across the nation.   This is the main purpose of this website!  This site was created to provide relevant information regarding Olympus Academy, a well known top recommendation for schools for troubled teens, and what our services can do to help.  We are confident that we can help you and your child, and hope you will find the information here valuable.

schools for troubled teensPlease look throughout our website to learn more about the specific method of how youth make progress.  We are considered the premiere choice of schools for troubled teens.  We have a profound “4 Step Level System” that each adolescent goes through to internalize true progress.

Olympus Academy – Best Recommendation for Schools for Troubled Teens!

For destructive or struggling adolescents, there are many options of academic programs that can help with behavior modification and emotional problems.  Some of them provide flexibility for students with other family responsibilities that keep them from attending a traditional public educational program; others hold extremely high academic and behavioral standards and will not tolerate disobedience.  Most schools for troubled teens use very rigid structure and discipline to keep students in line and there is a lot of variety of behavioral modification techniques used.  Adolescents can live on or off campus, attend private or public education, and have different options regarding the type of educational program they attend.

Are There Benefits of Troubled Teens Schools, Like Olympus Academy?

The benefits of schools for troubled teens vary depending on the type of educational program being considered.  Private boarding programs offer a very high quality education with small class sizes and very qualified instructors.  Students live on-campus and are supervised throughout the school year.  Most graduates go on to perform very well in college and in their career lives.  Charter programs allow destructive adolescents an alternative to public education when they have created too much of a disturbance and have been expelled.  Another benefit is home academics, where students complete their education from home.  This is an excellent choice for kids that are victims of bullying, or who do not function well in a public education system.

Are There Downsides of Schools for Troubled Teens, in Contrast to Olympus Academy?

A large downfall of schools for troubled teens is that most of them are not adequately equipped to handle destructive adolescents.  Although many claim to provide help for severe problems, like: ADHD, addiction, and depression, they do not offer the best kind of treatment to help kids succeed in recovery.  Major emotional and behavioral problems require more care than just structure and discipline.  Adolescent struggles often need the attention of trusted professionals who can diagnose and treat complications effectively.  For depression,

the immediate goals of treatment are rapid symptom reduction and improved social adjustment. The long-term goal is to enable people with depression to make their own needed adjustments. When they can do that, they are better able to cope with and reduce depressive symptoms. –Webmd

This can take quite a bit of time to accomplish and many of these academic programs do not offer long-term treatment to help reach these long-term goals.

Olympus Academy is Among the Top Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens are an excellent choice of academic and therapeutic help for kids struggling with: ADD/ADHD, learning difficulties, Autism, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, addiction, eating disorders, and other minor/major behavioral problems.  Therapeutic boarding programs offer long-term treatment while housing students on campus during the academic year.  This keeps students focused on their academics and on their personal recovery from whatever issues they are struggling with.


If you are seeking quality treatment for a difficult child, we strongly encourage you to look at our highly recommended therapeutic boarding program, Olympus Academy.  This adolescent treatment center offers different therapeutic methods to help treat each child in the most optimal way.  At Olympus Academy, we are aware of how difficult it can be to place a child in a treatment program, and we strive to make sure that the environment at Olympus Academy is always safe and positive.  To learn more, please contact one of our representatives right now to find out why Olympus Academy is a premiere choice for schools for troubled teens.

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