Boot Camp for Boys – What Are They?

Boot camp for boys is a military style intense training camp that uses physical and mental training to modify bad behavior in adolescent boys.  These single-sex programs are very short-term programs that last between 6-12 weeks and do not allow mixed gender to rule out as much distraction as possible.  There is debate as to whether segregating gender does any good for adolescents in treatment.  So far, research has been inconclusive and hasn’t shown many benefits of single-sex programs.  Many parents opt for boot camp for boys as a treatment option because of the “quick-fix” nature of the treatment program.  Parents can send kids off to the program during the summer and they return before the next school year begins.

Boy Boot Camps – Juvenile Justice

Another type of boot camp for boys is used as alternatives to jail by the juvenile court system.  Adolescents that have gotten in troubled with the law and are facing criminal sentencing could be sentenced to this type of incarceration as opposed to an adult correctional facility where they would be housed with more dangerous adult criminals.  boot camp for boysTypically, a juvenile program would have shorter sentencing than an adult correctional facility, cost the state or county less money, and has after-care for the adolescents that complete the treatment program.

Are Boot Camp for Boys Good or Bad?

There is strong debate about the benefits of boot camp for boys.  Though these treatment programs do seem to serve a purpose in some cases, they are hardly the most effective treatment programs to help adolescents gain control of their lives and progress forward. Unfortunately, boot camp for boys is a “scare-tactic” to make kids be obedient and respectful.  But, the effects are short-lived, as most adolescents revert back to the same troubling behavior and habits after leaving treatment.

While the U.S. Justice System has traditionally focused its efforts at the front end of the system, by locking people up, it has not exerted an equal effort at the tail end of the system: decreasing the likelihood of reoffending among formerly incarcerated persons. –Wikipedia

Most kids that are struggling with emotional or behavioral problems have other underlying issues that are not addressed.  Adolescents need more than just structure and discipline to emotionally progress in life and they will not receive that kind of treatment in short term programs.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools VS. Boot Camp for Boys

There are healthy alternative treatment programs to boot camp for boys that are struggling with minor or severe emotional/behavioral problems.  Therapeutic boarding schools are a great option for adolescents with:

  • Learning difficulties
  • Substance abuse/addiction problems
  • Anxiety, Depression, and other mood disorders
  • Self-harm, eating disorders, suicide ideation, and
  • Other behavioral problems due to a negative peer influence

For many kids, simply being removed from their current environment and being placed in a supervised, structured atmosphere where students are working toward a common goal is enough to adjust problematic behavior.

Olympus Academy is one of the best therapeutic boarding schools for parents to choose.  Our curriculum was designed to provide different therapeutic techniques and methods to ensure that each individual receives the best kind of treatment possible.  Olympus Academy is an on-campus long-term treatment program that can be extremely beneficial to adolescents with all kinds of troubles ranging in severity.

We know how challenging it can be to make the decision to choose an alternative youth treatment program for a struggling child.  If you are looking at outside resources to help with a difficult adolescent boy, we urge you to consider Olympus Academy, where your child can get the right kind of care he needs.  Please contact one of our representatives now to learn more about our Therapeutic Boarding School, which is a superb alternative to a boot camp for boys.

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