About Boot Camp for Girls

Boot camp for girls is an aggressive behavior modification program that uses military-style physical and mental training to mold difficult adolescents into obedient, respectful young women. The curriculum usually runs 6-12 weeks, depending on the program. There is court ordered boot camp for girls which is used as an alternative to jail for adolescents involved with the juvenile court system. There are also wilderness therapy programs that use similar techniques to modify destructive behavior in teenagers. Parents often choose this route for adolescents that are disobedient, lack respect for themselves and others, and have a poor/aggressive attitude in general.

Girls Boot Camps – Behavior Modification Techniques

Boot camp for girls uses different behavior modification techniques to train kids to be respectful and helpful. Many of the adolescents who start this program have not had structure or discipline in their home lives and are out of control. boot camp for girlsThis program works as an intervention before adolescents become too out of control. Adolescents are typically running, hiking, cleaning, and doing other similar tasks to keep busy during treatment. Wilderness therapy teaches kids survival methods and how to help others. Attendees have to rely on each other for different things and learn valuable leadership and team work skills. These programs serve, not only as behavior modification, but offer many other tools that kids will take with them outside of treatment.

Boot Camp for Girls – Effectiveness and Recidivism

Unfortunately, in the long-term, boot camp for girls is not the most effective treatment program for adolescents. One of the biggest problems with this program is that it does not provide the necessary therapeutic care that many adolescents with behavioral problems need. Most attendees have other underlying issues that have not been treated, like: depression, anxiety, substance abuse, addiction, learning difficulties, and other severe emotional problems. Boot camp for girls is also so short-term that it doesn’t provide an adequate amount of time for treatment, even if it did provide the professional care needed.

symptoms must be consistent and on-going, persisting at least six months, for a formal diagnosis of GAD to be introduced. –Wikipedia

The majority of adolescents that attend short-term programs typically revert back to the same old patterns of behavior after they leave treatment. The rate of recidivism is high in quick-fix programs. The lack of appropriate care and treatment leads to more severe problems in young women who are already exhibiting out-of-control behavior. The effects of treatment are usually short-lived.

Therapeutic Boarding School – Alternative Options to Boot Camp for Girls

A successful alternative youth treatment curriculum to boot camp for girls is a therapeutic boarding school. Therapeutic boarding schools are long-term educational programs that help adolescents complete a traditional education while also having the time and resources to work on their underlying personal struggles. Therapeutic boarding schools offer professional care services to help teens learn how to identify their emotions and communicate them effectively and develop a unique treatment plan that will meet the needs of each individual student.

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