What Are Boot Camps for Troubled Teens Used For?

Boot camps for troubled teens are short-term intense training programs that use aggressive military-style physical training to help difficult adolescents learn structure and discipline.  These youth programs are considered “behavior modification programs” and treat kids with minor and major behavioral problems.  These treatment curriculums are thought of as “quick fix” programs because of the short length of treatment.  Some of these treatment plans are used as alternatives to jail by the juvenile court system, others are popular choices for parents of destructive adolescents.  Because these curriculums typically run only 6-12 weeks and house adolescent’s on-campus for the duration of treatment, attendees can be enrolled during summer months when attending will not interfere with school.  These are considered private youth modification programs and parents are responsible for all tuition costs.

Are There Advantages of Troubled Teens Boot Camps

In many ways, boot camps for troubled teens can be advantageous for adolescents who are undisciplined, selfish, and disobedient.  This type of youth program teaches kids values and morals and turns disrespectful, mouthy kids into respectful, obedient young adults.  The short length of therapy allows parents to send adolescents to the program during the summer months when they are not in school.  This fills up free-time that young adults often use poorly.  Because these programs house adolescent’s on-campus, parents do not have to worry about where their kids are and what they are doing.  Another benefit of this type of therapy is the social and life skills that attendees learn during the course of help.  This operation is designed to teach students how to be self-disciplined, confident leaders, and mature decision makers.  It is not often that a teen leaves a military summer program without have learning anything valuable.

What Are the Disadvantages of Boot Camps for Troubled Teens?

There are, unfortunately, disadvantages of boot camps for troubled teens.  The “quick-fix” nature of this operation is less than beneficial.  Studies show that short-term care is often extremely ineffective.  Not all attendees do, but many leave these facilities and quickly revert back to the same problematic patterns of behavior.  This could be due to the fact that their home lives are usually not very strict, structured, or consistent.  However, it is probably due to the lack of therapeutic help that struggling adolescents need to develop new patterns of behavior and want to stick to them.  Boot camps for troubled teens do not work for all kids. For example, adolescents who suffer from ADD/ADHD:

The most effective approach to treatment for children and adolescents with ADHD is a multidisciplinary approach. This approach includes multiple elements that work best together and support each other. –Webmd

Each child is different and different challenges require different forms of treatment.

Olympus Residential Treatment Centers as an Alternative to Boot Camps for Troubled Teens

A great alternative to boot camps for troubled teens are residential treatment centers.  Our Olympus Academy is a highly recommended youth residential treatment center that provides professional therapeutic care and support for kids that struggle with: ADD/ADHD, Autism, Substance Abuse, Addiction, Self-Harm, Suicide Ideation, Anxiety, Depression, and many other emotional/behavioral problems.  Olympus Academy implements treatment that most other youth curriculums lack and strives to create the best environment for students to recover in.  Our reliable residential treatment center is a long-term curriculum that allows students to live on campus while receiving help for their personal challenges and also their traditional academic education.

If you have a teen that is struggling emotionally, behaviorally, intellectually, or academically, you do not need ineffective boot camps for troubled teens. We can help you.  Please contact one of the representatives at Olympus Academy to learn more about our quality treatment for youth and what we can do to help your child back on to a path of recovery today.  Call us now.