What Are Military Schools for Troubled Boys Developed For?

Military schools for troubled boys are intense treatment programs that parents choose to send difficult children to as a way to alter bad behavior.  They are single-sex programs that try to limit the amount of distraction young men have by not mixing genders.  They follow rigid structure, strict disciplinary and use aggressive physical training to modify attitude problems, lack of respect, and disobedience in teenagers.  These long-term educational treatment programs last over a year, many students attend during the majority of their academic lives.  This kind of treatment plan holds extremely high academic and behavioral standards of its students and will quickly expel a student for not meeting or maintaining standards that are expected.  Most young men that graduate go on to perform very well in their college and professional lives.

How Do Troubled Boys Military Schools Help Teens?

For most attendees, military schools for troubled boys are an excellent choice of education.  Private educational systems, like these, typically offer small class sizes and very qualified instructors that help students excel academically.  Not only is coursework relative and up-to-date, but students are given opportunity at every corner.  Living on-campus helps adolescents prepare for college.  Students learn to live and study together and must acquire self-discipline to stay on task with assignments and perform at a level expected by the program.  Because these are single-gender institutes, young men are not limited by the natural social aspect of coeducation.  The structure of the program leaves little time for students to get themselves into trouble and graduates do become upstanding citizens.

Are There Downsides of Military Schools for Troubled Boys?

Military schools for troubled boys aren’t always the best help for adolescents that struggle behaviorally or emotionally.  In fact, most military schools for troubled boys will not accept adolescents that have major challenges.  These programs want students that are going to live up to the standards of the school.  If an adolescent shows signs or symptoms of causing trouble and acting out, they will either not be admitted, or quickly be expelled.  Another disadvantage of these this kind of treatment is that there are not studies that have determined single-sex programs to have any more benefits than mixed gender educational programs.  The majority of studies show that for single-sex care to carry more benefits than coeducation, it would have to single out many other details as well, like: income status and race.

Not all researchers concur that single-sex schooling is advantageous for students. Results are mixed and controversial (American Association of University Women 1998). –CSUB

Military Schools for Troubled Boys VS. Our Therapeutic Boarding Program

Healthy alternative care to military schools for troubled boys is our reliable therapeutic boarding program, Olympus Academy.  The basis of care in Olympus Academy is the professional care and support that struggling adolescents need to really learn how to cope with their personal challenges and learn how to move forward and progress academically, socially, and intellectually.  Olympus Academy offers a quality education and therapeutic care at competitive rates, qualified and well-trained instructors, a caring support staff that understands the needs of difficult teenagers, and a creative and pro-active environment that will help teens be productive and constructive with their time.

Olympus Academy is not just a therapeutic boarding program, but a home for many destructive adolescents that need time to work through their difficulties.  If you are looking into military schools for troubled boys as a means of treatment for a difficult child, we urge you to contact one of our representatives right now to find out how we can help your child in ways that most other youth treatment cannot.  Sometimes, a child is only given one chance.  Make that one chance count.  Call us now.