Olympus Academy’s Programs For Teens

What Are Teen Programs?

counseling teensTeen programs are different kinds of help available for adolescents that are at-risk or are struggling with emotional and behavioral issues. Each curriculum has a common goal of helping adolescents build self-confidence and social/life skills that will help them be successful academically and socially. Adolescent help is used to help gain children’s interest in academics, volunteer projects, athletics, and a general motivation to succeed in life. If you’d like to learn more keep learning more on our Teen Programs page.

What Different Programs for Troubled Teens Are Available?

There are several different types of teen programs for adolescents and parents to choose from. There are after school options that help kids with skill building and to give them a place to go while parents are busy at work and cannot ensure their well-being. There are flexible high schools that allow students to work at self-paced rates and there are also boarding schools where adolescents live during the school year to receive a very high-quality education. Other alternative options are helpful for adolescents with extreme emotional or behavioral issues like: ADD/ADHD, Autism, substance abuse, addiction, self-harm, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, and other similar troubles. These alternative treatment options incorporate therapeutic care with academics to help kids excel in all areas.

When Should Teen Programs Be Used?

When adolescents show signs of behavioral trouble, academic difficulties, social problems, or emotional turmoil, it is a good time to get help from teen programs. Studies show that the sooner a child receives treatment for behavioral/emotional problems, the more likely they are to recover. This does not mean that there isn’t hope for adolescents who have long-term issues. No child is incapable of personal growth and change. Common signs and symptoms of depression are good to go off of if there is suspicion that a child needs help.

Children who are depressed may have a loss of appetite, meaning that they do not want to eat. They may also be clearly having more trouble in everyday life than before. This can include sleep problems such as nightmares, new problems with behaviour or grades at school, or being more agitated or easily irritable than usual. –wikipedia

Teen Programs That Work

Great options of teen programs that can do the most good for destructive adolescents are residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools. Both of these options provide intense on-campus treatment as well as a high quality education. Because these curriculums work toward adolescent care and therapy, they are low-stress environments that do not put academic pressure on students. Both are staffed with well-trained individuals and offer professional care services that most teen help options do not. These are long-term treatment centers that give students the time they need to identify their personal challenges and struggles and learn the best ways to cope. Many teenagers do not understand the source of their troubles and self-medicate in dangerous ways. When they learn where their emotions come from and how to deal with them appropriately, they are given some control over their own personal well-being and can really learn personal growth.

Teen Programs – The Best Option

One of the best teen programs that parents can choose is Olympus Academy, a highly recommended residential treatment centers that strives to provide unique, individualized care that every troubled adolescent needs. If your child is struggling with any minor or major emotional/behavioral issue, we urge you to contact one of the representatives of Olympus Academy to learn more about our successful programs and how we can help your child back onto a happy, healthy life path. No child needs to live in the dark waters of their own personal struggles. We can help your son or daughter reach their potential. Our help for you and your child is worth the call, as not all treatment centers or boarding schools are the same. Call us now and let us help you and your child with Olympus Academy’s highly recommended teen programs today!

What Are Boys Boarding Schools?

What Are Boys Boarding Schools?

boarding schools for boysBoys boarding schools are single-sex educational programs that house students on-campus during the academic year and allow students to return home during holidays and the summer months. Adolescents live in dormitories on campus where they share sleeping and study spaces with 2-3 other boys. Single-sex curriculums are limited to one sex to limit distractions for students. Many parents choose this type of education over public education because the quality of education exceeds that of other academic curriculums. Parents are financially responsible for tuition, room, and board. Students have many academic and extra-curricular opportunities available to them and boys boarding schools often serve as excellent preparatory programs for college (continue learning more on our Boys Boarding Schools page).

Boarding Schools for Boys – Quality Education

The quality of education in boys boarding schools typically surmounts other academic programs because of the small class sizes these educational institutes offer, as well as excellent academic resources and highly qualified instructors. Each adolescent receives the amount of attention that he needs to excel in course work. The curriculums do serve as college prep work and prepare students for SAT’s and ACT’s. Private educational programs hold very high academic and behavioral standards of the students enrolled and students will be expelled if they do not meet these requirements consistently. Because of the pressure to meet the high standards, this type of educational curriculum is not a great one for every adolescent. In fact, adolescents that struggle with emotional/behavioral problems, like: ADD/ADHD, Autism, substance abuse, addiction, anxiety, depression, and other major or minor troubles, can be negatively impacted by the pressures of private education.

Boys Boarding Schools as a Treatment Option for Troubled Adolescents

Boys boarding schools are quite ineffective as treatment options for troubled adolescents. Although these programs do offer help to troubled youth, they do not provide an adequate amount of care for struggling adolescents and will not accept students that are not equipped to handle the heavy course loads. These educational programs also do not have the professional care to help difficult students with proper treatment. ADD/ADHD, for example, requires time and professional care to treat effectively and private education programs, such as these, are not equipped to handle that kind of treatment.

Medication therapy is an important component of treating ADHD. There are many types of drugs that can be used to control symptoms of ADHD. ADHD medications are available in short-acting (immediate-release), intermediate-acting, and long-acting forms. It may take some time for a doctor to find the most effective drug, dosage, and schedule for someone with ADHD. –WebMD

Therapeutic Boys Boarding Schools & Highly regarded Olympus Academy

Fortunately, there are similar academic programs that do offer the professional medical and mental health care for students that struggle with both minor and major academic, emotional, and behavioral problems. Therapeutic boys boarding schools are alternative educational programs that can help students complete their academic education while also teaching them how to cope with their internal struggles. Many behavioral problems that young men have are symptoms of underlying issues that can be treated effectively if given the right kind of care.

Olympus Academy is a reliable and effective alternative to private boys boarding schools. Olympus Academy offers the excellent education of other private programs, but also has the support of a professional staff that can help each adolescent with his own unique needs. If you are seeking help for a troubled child, we urge you to contact one of the representatives of Olympus Academy to learn more about our highly recommended program, one of the best treatment options that a parent can choose, and get your child the help he needs now. We are confident that we can find the right kind of treatment that will work. Call us now.

Teen Counseling – When Is It Needed?

Teen Counseling – When Is It Needed?

teen counseling

Teen counseling is an excellent source of help for adolescents struggling with different behavioral or emotional problems. Many parents often ask themselves when therapy is necessary. How do they know if their child is in need of professional care? There are many signs that suggest an adolescent is in trouble.

  • Declining grades
  • Lack of respect for family and family values
  • Excessive anger and irritability
  • Risky behavior
  • Isolation and withdrawal

If an adolescent is showing any of these signs of trouble, it is a good idea to seek professional help. Studies show that the sooner an adolescent receives treatment, the more likely he or she is to be successful in treatment.

Counseling for Teens – Where to Find It?

There are many different places to find teen counseling. One of the most convenient and flexible type of help is online therapy. There are also support groups that are often lead by a mental health professional. There is group and family therapy that allows people to share similar experiences, give advice and have other people to relate to. There are also many programs that offer different therapeutic methods of care, and there are long-term residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools are two programs that offer intense therapy (if you’d like to learn more make certain you see our dedicated Teen Counseling page here).

Online Teen Counseling

Online teen counseling is a flexible and convenient way to seek therapy. Adolescents like this type of therapy because of the ease and anonymity of it. Kids that are feeling too ashamed or embarrassed to see a mental health professional in person can use chat rooms, or adolescents that don’t have a way to get to an appointment can video chat from home. The downfall with this option is security. Many therapists do not like this style of therapy because the security and privacy that can be intruded upon. It is also a less effective form of therapy that doesn’t offer a lot of benefits to the patient.

When asked to select from a list of concerns regarding the provision of mental health services over the internet, professionals noted three primary areas of concern: confidentiality, liability, and misinformation being provided by clients. –UNH

Group vs. Individual Teen Counseling

Group therapy is an excellent way for adolescents to share experiences, listen to advice and suggestions, and relate with their peers. Group therapy offers many social benefits to adolescents with different challenges. Individual therapy gives students a more intense therapeutic experience. Therapists are able to help adolescents reach a deeper level of therapy to gain a powerful insight and awareness. Both are excellent types of teen counseling that offer different benefits.

Teen Counseling in One of the Best Residential Treatment Centers – Olympus Academy

Adolescents can receive quality teen counseling in one of the best residential treatment centers for youth. Olympus Academy is a top-notch program that gives each student a high quality education along with treatment that can be tailored to his/her personal needs. Personal, academic, and emotional growth are goals of the program and we seek to prepare each student for a healthy life outside of treatment.

At Olympus Academy, we know what most other adolescent treatment programs are lacking and we strive to create an environment that can meet all the needs of each child. If your child is struggling with any minor or major emotional/behavioral problems, please think about Olympus Academy as an option for help. We are confident in our program and that we can find the right kind of treatment to help. Do not stand by and watch your child struggle any more. Contact one of our representatives right now to get more information about this excellent and reliable program.