About Teen Boot Camps

Teen boot camps are military-style behavior modification programs that use aggressive physical and mental training to readjust bad behavior in adolescents.  These alternative youth treatment programs are relatively short-term programs that run around 6-12 weeks.  Adolescents live on-campus for the duration of treatment and return home when they have completed the curriculum.  These are private curriculum options and parents are responsible for all costs.  Many parents choose this option for destructive kids because the short length of treatment makes it easy for kids to complete during summer months so treatment doesn’t interfere with schooling.  There are alternative teen boot camps that are used as alternatives to jail for kids that are involved in the juvenile court system.  These types of curriculum are not available to the public and offer after-care programs to help keep youth from reverting back to bad behavior.

Benefits of Boot Camps for Troubled Teens

There are many different benefits of teen boot camps, for both adolescents and their parents.  These programs can fill in free summer time when adolescents would most likely be getting into trouble. teen boot camps Kids can attend these treatment curriculums and allow parents time to relax instead of worrying about where their children are and what they are doing.  These programs help adolescents with different social and life skills like: leadership, teamwork, communication, self-discipline, and obedience.  Many parents are attracted to the “quick-fix” idea of this program and hope for a speedy modification of behavior.  This curriculum can be effective for kids with minimal behavioral problems, such as: disobedience, lack of respect, and selfishness.

Downfalls of Teen Boot Camps

Teen boot camps are not always the best option for treatment, though.  They can be beneficial for kids with simple behavioral problems, but when a child suffers from something more severe like: substance abuse, addiction, self-harm, depression, or anxiety, this program is going to be less than effective and could even prove to be devastating to the well-being of a child.  For adolescents with ADHD, for example:

ADHD can have serious consequences for long-term functioning according to a study that tracked more than 500 teenagers with ADHD from when they were 14 – 16 years old until they reached age 37. The researchers found that long-term ADHD increased the risks for impaired physical and mental health, poor work performance, and financial stress. The study team suggests that doctors focus on early diagnosis and treatment of adolescent ADHD. –UMM

Teen boot camps do not offer the right kind of treatment and care for many troubles that adolescents have.

Alternative Options to Teen Boot Camps

A healthy and constructive alternative youth treatment program to teen boot camps is our highly recommended residential treatment center, Olympus Academy.  Our curriculum strives to provide the treatment that can be effective for minor and major emotional/behavioral problems in adolescents.  We understand that many youth treatment programs lack the professional care and support that most troubled adolescents need and ensure that each child receives the optimal level of care for his or her personal struggles.

If you are looking for quality treatment for a destructive or difficult adolescent, we encourage you to look at Olympus Academy as a successful alternative.  Olympus Academy provides a quality academic education along with effective treatment.  Your child does not have to struggle through life.  We can help.  Please contact one of our representatives right now to find out how to get your child the kind of treatment that can help him or her have the opportunity to live a productive and happy future.  Call us now and let us help you help your child today.